Wine Show

Complete wine show with superb wines. Wine tasting, stories, facts and music. An evening to remember.


Wine courses

A great educational course with a deep dive into the world of wine. Wine styles, wine grapes, wine regions, aroma and taste.


Music performance

Concerts with atmospheric and meditative music. Influence by jazz, flamenco, latin and classical music.

Wine articles and reviews

Read about my favorite wines, and wines you must taste. Read articles about exciting producers and topics relating to wine.


Knut Bjørnar  Asphol. Recording session

Let´s listen to wine

Knut Bjørnar Asphol, KNUT, is a sommelier and musician. He combines both his passions for music and wine, and give people magic moments by telling stories, educate, offer wine tasteing and play music. Some music is even composed for the events and the stories he tells.

KNUT has an extensive track record both as a guitarist, composer and producer in the music scene both in Norway and internationally including ambient jazz solo albums.

After 6 albums in the ambient jazz genre, KNUT released the albums Breeze and  Hemingway Café in 2020. Great acoustic and melodic jazz.  Recently he has released singles with meditative classical music for solo guitar. This music has reached millions of streams and up to 100.000 listeners on different streaming services. In 2023 he worked on a new jazz album.  KNUT is a musican with more than 30 years of experience from the music business, and he has produced hundereds of abums and written over thousend songs. Now he also writes wine reviews and wins articles in the norwegian newpaper Romerikes Blad.



Musical atmospheres