Red Wine Reviews

Simpsons Rabbit Hole Pinot Noir 2021

Item number-Norway 11430801

Kent, England

Grapes - Pinot Noir

Sugar content - below 3 g/l 

Alcohol 13,5% 

Score - 91 

Dice rating - 6

I don't know what makes this wine so appealing to me. The freshness and minerality remind me of picking wild strawberries on the rocky shore. After all, I grew up by the sea in the northwest of Norway. I remember the splash of water from the waves hitting the shore while gathering berries from the heath. I really enjoy the freshness of this wine.

Elegant and fruity pinot noir. Cool scent of fresh red and blueberries. Currants, raspberries, and blueberries. Smooth and soft mouthfeel with a good balance of spices and berries. This is the wine you can sit for hours just sniffing. Recommended for light meats, beef, and game. Or simply enjoy it to savor life! One of my favourite red wines.